Benchmarketing is Omnicom Media Group’s Knowledge Consultancy and Marketing Effectiveness Specialist. We have collated many years of marketing effectiveness knowledge based on norms and meta-analysis across sectors including utilities, FMCG, health and beauty, automotive, leisure, finance, retail, transport and entertainment. Benchmarketing can take this category knowledge and understanding of what is normal and what leaders do differently in business and use this to benchmark everything from brand perceptions to digital metrics, from channel planning to ROI. We are also the team that monitor the Government spend, and outcomes data,  for Manning Gottlieb OMD’s  OmniGOV team.  This involves collating and analysing post campaign analyses and close working with the OmniGOV team.



Job Summary:

We are recruiting apprentices to the group to help continue with the knowledge system building, and with the important Government benchmark database. They will help compile material into the knowledge system, and run analysis and reports for key categories, brands to feed back into that system.   They will help create , visualisations and automate the Government files and database. They will work closely with our full-time consultant managers.


Government Benchmark database maintenance
  • Work under a Manager to help add new data to the Government benchmark databases held by Omnigov and the Benchmarketing team
  • Reporting and visualisation
  • Automation of quality checks, and of data loading – R / Python /Datorama
 Knowledge system development and maintenance
  • Help populate and maintain the OMG knowledge system – KnowledgeHub
  • Be responsible for compiling information into the system, editing and summarizing e.g. results reports and research papers, analysing data to create norms and averages, interpreting findings
  • Derive new ways to get data into the system – automation and coding – R / Python skills
Agency relationships
  • Developing day to day relationships, supporting users of the knowledge system in the agencies and the Government databases within OmniGOV
  • Provide appropriate service levels to the agencies working with an analyst / manager
Client relationships
  • Support the team on consultancy engagements with Government clients
  • Update / build full datasets for agency pitch analysis from the knowledge database content
  • Provide high quality visualizations and output of the data we hold and learn to talk through this with agency clients


  • Energetic, determined and proactive
  • Interested / Curious about Brands, Businesses and Government, Marketing and Media
  • Willing to learn / self-teach new skills
  • Collaborative
  • Hard working, organized, Good written skills
  • Great Microsoft Office especially Excel skills
  • Ability to work with a large amount of data and with high level of accuracy
  • Highly numerate, but not necessarily highly statistically trained.
  • Ability to handle multiple requests at a time




£17,000 per annum increasing after 6months


Full time

How To Apply:

Send an email with answers to the questions below to
  • What excites you most about the next 10 years in advertising? What do you see as the big opportunities?
  • Tell us about a time someone has taught you something in the last 12 months. How did you get the best out of the learning process and what was the end result?
  • Tell us about a time when you have demonstrated a high level of accuracy and focus when working on a detailed task. What was the situation? How did you demonstrate this? What steps did you take to assist you with this? What challenges did you face?
  • You have been assigned a project by a senior member of your team on a subject area that you have little experience in. Your colleague has sent you a brief with what is expected, which left you reassured that you had sufficient information. However, now that you have begun working on the project you are unsure how to proceed and a deadline is approaching. What are your next steps to ensure that the project is completed to a sufficient standard?
  • Please share an example of where you’ve played a role in a team that worked well together. How did you contribute and what was the result for that team?



***All applications should be made through the external partner below***

Send an email with answers to the questions above to

*** Warning and Disclaimer: Although this role is advertised on our jobs board it is from an employer that is not part of The Prince’s Trust and so you will need to apply externally***
We need to tell you –   we have not checked out the job and don’t know whether the role is right for you. So we can’t endorse the advert or the job or know if you are making a good choice. You should think about any risks there are, ask any questions,  and if you proceed with the application, you must realise and accept that it is up to you to make the choice and to be responsible if there are any further consequences.
If you have any questions or problems with applying please get in touch on

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