My Strengths

Here is a list of personal strengths that you can choose from when applying for jobs. Understanding and selecting your strengths will show you the jobs that you are likely to prefer and be good at. Still not sure what your strengths are? Learn more by taking a quick survey HERE.


You take on challenges and face risks by standing up for what you believe

Emotional Control

You are aware of your emotional ‘triggers’ and how to control these to remain calm and productive


You demonstrate passions and energy when communicating goals, beliefs, interests or ideas you feel strongly about


You remain positive and upbeat about the future and your ability to influence it to your advantage


You deal effectively with setbacks and enjoy overcoming difficult challenges


You have a strong belief in yourself and you abilities to accomplish tasks and goals


You work collaboratively with others to overcome conflict and build towards a common goal


You demonstrate a deep and genuine concern for the well-being of others

Developing Others

You promote other people’s learning and development to help them achieve their goals and fulfil their potential


You readily identify with other people’s situations and can see things clearly from their perspective


You take responsibility for influencing and motivating others to contribute to the goals and success of their team and organisation


You are able to win agreement and support for a position or desired outcome


You take steps to build networks of contacts and act as a ‘hub’ between people that you know


You make quick, confident and clear decisions, even when faced with limited information


You take a well-ordered and methodical approach to tasks to achieve planned outcomes


You remain adaptable and flexible in the face of unfamiliar or changing situations


You take independent action to make things happen and achieve goals


You maintain a strong sense of focus on results, driving tasks and projects to completion


You draw on a wide range of people and resources in the pursuit of self-development and learning

Common Sense

You make pragmatic judgements based on practical thinking and previous experience


You come up with new ideas and original solutions to move things forward

Critical Thinking

You approach problems and arguments by breaking them down systematically and evaluating them objectively


You pay attention to detail in order to produce high quality output, no matter what the pressures


You focus on the future and take a strategic perspective on issues and challenges

Company Values

Here is a list of all the company values you will find on the jobs board. Selecting the company values that you find important will show you organisations that you will enjoy working for.


These companies value a friendly environment where people feel like they can easily reach out to and talk to other members of staff and customers feel like they can talk to the company.


These companies create a nurturing and kind environment for people to work in and value the overall wellbeing of staff and customers.


Team work, whether to solve a problem or achieve a common goal, is important to these companies.


Whether commitment to their customers or to their staff, these companies value people who are dedicated to a cause and can see things through to the end.


Companies showing compassion are mindful of all the different things that people care strongly about, whether this is caring for the environment or against animal cruelty.


Companies valuing creativity are willing to try new things and will create an atmosphere where people feel able to challenge what has been done before.


Empowering companies focus on enabling people to make a change or achieve something themselves, rather than doing it for them.


These companies are constantly aiming to be the best that they can be, no matter what they are doing.


Rather than having one strict way of doing things, a company that values flexibility is willing to adapt to a specific situation, whether this is to do with the hours or locations that people work from or how solutions are delivered to customers and clients.


Forward-thinking companies always have one eye on the future and are making plans for how they can best work going forward.


These are companies that value being straightforward and transparent in all that they do.


These companies value people who are able to work alone and are self-motivated to carry out their work.


Innovative companies value similar things to creative companies – they focus on finding new ways to work or new products to market, particularly using digital methods.


Companies who are inspiring aim to lead by example, showcasing all the attributes that they want to see in others.


Companies that value being non-judgemental often value inclusion for all and avoid making judgements or decisions exclusively based on someone’s background or past actions.


Whether this is passion for a particular product or for an area of the market, companies who value passion are looking for people who can demonstrate their interest and excitement for their chosen job.


Valuing positivity helps companies to always look on the bright side of a situation and focus on what can be achieved or fixed rather than on what has gone wrong.


Companies that value respect are looking for people who can be polite and professional in all circumstances, regardless of who they are dealing with or what the specific situation is.


A company that aims to be trustworthy for its customers or could also place trust and responsibility in employees.